Helping women with financial empowerment

“A big part of financial empowerment for women is helping them take control of their financial lives,” says Tracey Lundell, with Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group.

Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group offers investment advice, planning, and educational workshops designed specifically for women.

“Sea Glass Wealth also offers an investment curriculum, specifically designed for women,” Tracey notes. “There are two main themes: one is focused on goal setting and how personal goals fit within your investment plan. The other is geared towards business and professional women and looks to support the alignment between work and personal financial goals.”

These workshops are offered at Harbourfront Wealth offices, workplaces, public locations, and even in women’s homes.

“Typically, we get a group of women together at somebody’s house – sometimes they’re friends, but sometimes they don’t know each other – and, over a glass of wine and a few appies, the women get to ask any financial questions they want. It’s a safe and welcoming environment where people feel relaxed. All sorts of fantastic questions get asked. We often invite realtors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals and between us we can usually find the answers to any question in the room.”

Tracey and her colleagues, Kristina Thomas and Sheryl Thomas, find that while both men and women want their investments to do well, women tend to be more “outcome oriented.”

“Often women need a goal to be linked to an outcome,” says Tracey. “Whether that’s their retirement, or planning for their child’s education, they want to know ‘what is this portfolio and plan going to do for me?’ While it’s true that men tend to be more numbers oriented – ‘how did my portfolio perform last year’ – at the end of the day, everyone wants their investments to be safe and do well.”

The team at Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group understands that taking control of money is a major concern for women.

“Some older women haven’t had the opportunity to plan their own finances, while millennials may not realize the importance of planning for retirement,” Tracey notes. “At Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group we can draw on the expertise available through industry specialists to offer information and professional advice to all women, whatever their stage of life and level of financial comfort.”

For more information on Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, call 604.359.3123, visit the website, email, or visit the office at 310-15252 32nd Ave, Surrey. Tracey can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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