Growing small businesses: Five ways BOSS Business Centres can help

The first stages of starting a business can be challenging, especially knowing how and when to grow. But BOSS Business Centres offers many ways to grow steadily, without taking unnecessary risks.

Many people start their small businesses at home, but there can be issues with portraying an image of professionalism in that environment, according to BOSS owner Julian Clark.

“They're at home, they don't really want to use their home address on their website because someone's going to Google it and they're going to see kids playing street hockey out front, which isn't very professional,” he points out. BOSS Business Centres has a number of office space and service options designed to help small businesses bloom and expand, he adds. There are five steps smaller companies and start-ups can take at BOSS Business Centres, moving their business out of the basement and into a successful, professional space, according to Julian.

1. Address appeal. Many home-based businesses suffer from a lack of professional curb appeal. Start off by using BOSS’s corporate mailbox service, giving companies a great image and brand at a location based outside of the home.

2. Call it in. Next, add phone services to the address rental. BOSS can forward calls directly to your cell, or they can have staff answer and qualify calls before connecting you. It adds another professional aspect to a small business, at a nominal price.

3. Hold a meeting. Even home-based business owners need to hold the occasional meeting in person. BOSS allows clients to rent its boardroom by the hour, giving entrepreneurs a luxury, professional space to conduct business. “This sure beats a Starbucks, when meeting a potential client,” Julian says.

4. Part-time pro. Whether you’re a freelancer who needs a little peace and quiet to work, or a therapist who needs to provide clients with privacy, an office away from home is key. BOSS rents a number of offices on an hourly basis.

5. Month to month. Business is booming, and you’re ready to move into your own professional space. You want to take the leap, but you’re nervous about the commitment of opening an office. Luckily, Boss rents its offices on a month-to-month basis, and provides professional services such as a receptionist and high-speed Internet. Clients can grow and change spaces as needed. BOSS Business Centres has had a number of clients start out using virtual office services, who are now long-term tenants, according to Julian, which works out well for everyone.

“Their success is our success,” he says. BOSS Business Centres is located at 3292 Production Way in Burnaby. For more information on how Boss Business Centres can help your small business expand, go to their website or email BOSS directly.

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