George Lee Law Corp: Family legal issues spanning two continents

Most lawyers would agree that dealing with family law issues requires a delicate mix of tact and diplomacy. But when you factor in cross-continent culture and property issues, family law becomes a lot more challenging.

For George Lee, founder and principal lawyer at George Lee Law Corporation, dealing with the cultural aspect of family law with his Asian clients is nothing new.

“Many of our clients have property both here in Canada and overseas,” George explains. “We have to understand the legal and property system of both countries. Occasionally, we need to hire a lawyer in China to help us in that jurisdiction.”

Divorce and separation issues are always emotionally charged and clients are not always reasonable in their demands.

“In a heated situation, I will typically ask both parties to cool down and consider the well-being of their children first,” George says. “Sometimes I’m able to help the couple through their issues and out of the divorce altogether.”

George is also a certified life coach and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. His training and experience in these areas help him identify issues and refer his clients to other support services.

“It’s a lawyer’s duty to talk to other mediation or counselling providers before advising their clients to proceed with divorce,” he says.

Not surprisingly, George considers those situations that end up in court to be the most difficult for the participants in the divorce negotiation process.

“I never recommend litigation,” he says. “It’s emotionally draining, particularly difficult for the children, and expensive. My philosophy is to win by not fighting. Negotiate, compromise, and give your money to your children, not to your lawyer.”

If there’s truly no chance of a reconciliation, George recommends drawing up a separation agreement.

“If we can get to a written separation agreement, often we’re dealing with another lawyer and we can both work together to reach a point where our clients feel comfortable enough to make a verbal agreement. From there, we simply put it in writing.”

George Lee Law Corporationstands out amongst their competitors as lawyers who prefer not to fight court battles.

“There’s a perception that lawyers like to go to court and fight over money,” George says. “But that’s not what we do. Compromise is the key to helping our clients through a very emotionally difficult time.”

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