Five reasons why you should hire a tax professional

Filing your tax return sooner, rather than later, can help you avoid pitfalls in paying your taxes or getting a refund. 

Are you trying to decide whether you should do your own taxes or hire a professional? Here are five reasons why you should enlist a tax professional, such as Ina Turner from Hands on Accounting, to represent you on tax matters by filing the tax return for you. 


1. A tax professional will take the guesswork out of filing your taxes.

If you are not sure how to complete your tax returns, a certified tax professional from Hands on Accounting will help you file your current and prior years taxes.


2. Get the tax credits you are entitled to.

A tax professional’s job is to remain up-to-date on new information and tax rules so that you don’t miss out on any deductions.


3. Never miss a tax-filing deadline.

Personal tax filers have until April 30 of the following year to file taxes, while the deadline for businesses is June 15. To ensure your taxes are filed on time, bring your documents to Hands on Accounting before these dates.


4. Get advice on future tax planning.

Are you planning on switching jobs, buying a new home, or upgrading your skills? A tax professional will review your situation to help you plan your future savings. You can also get help on paying or deferring taxes by using taxshelters or pension contributions.


5. You are looking for representation on tax matters.

Are you having difficulty in resolving tax discrepancies on previously filed tax returns?  A qualified tax preparer will help you fix tax errors and get caught up on filing your taxes.

By filling your tax electronically with direct deposit, you can get your refund in approximately 8 business days, but paper returns on prior year(s) will take longer. Hands on Accounting also offers a worry-free tax service starting at $75.00. To book your 30-minute consultation, complete this contact form, call 604-314-8395 or visit the website.

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