Family-owned funeral service prides itself on the relationships it has built

Trust, built up through generations of serving families in their time of need.

It’s the hallmark of Kearney Funeral Services, one the family-owned and run business has been proud to provide families across Metro Vancouver with compassionate care for more than a century.

“We are one of the oldest businesses in Vancouver. We’ve been around for 112 years, and owned all that time by the same family,” says company CEO Ryan Crean who represents the fourth generation to work in the business started by his great grandparents.

“My great grandfather went to Dawson City during the gold rush, where he owned a general store. And when he came back to Vancouver with the money he made, he met my great grandmother who helped the local churches lay out those who had passed away,” Crean says. “They fell in love, purchased a funeral home, and the rest is history.”

Since that time, Kearney Funeral Services has always stood by the philosophy that theirs is the business of building relationships—with individual families and the community as a whole.

“Essentially, we try to always be there when people need us, regardless if it’s before they require our services, or at the actual time,” Crean explains.

That’s a rare quality in today’s funeral industry, which is populated mostly by large corporate operations.

“We strive to be involved with the communities where we do business, because that’s where we live, and those are the people we serve,” Crean says. “That’s why we place such importance on building those important relationships. It permeates everything we do.”

Whether it’s supporting the local Catholic Church community, and its charitable organizations and parishes, or service groups such as Rotary, Kearney Funeral Services takes pride in being a member the surrounding community can rely upon.

“Being a family business, we are looking after generations of families, as well,” Crean says. “And that has allowed us to have built up trust over time, which makes everything so much easier for our clients because they have a sense of familiarity and belief in what we do.”

That’s especially important in today’s longer-lived society where many families don’t experience the loss of a loved one until later in life. So, when they do, having a trusted and familiar contact to depend on, like Kearney Funeral Services, is a significant comfort.

“That’s why cultivating relationships is such an integral part of what we do,” Crean says.

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