Escape the city for lush rainforest

There’s nothing like spending a few days in pristine wilderness to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. We are blessed with acres of untouched rainforest in B.C., and experiencing the sights and sounds of the coast, including globally renowned Desolation Sound, is a rite of passage for British Columbians, and a must for international travellers.

Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours and Homfray Lodge offer an intimate experience which helps connect people to nature and the authentic B.C. coast. Equipped to navigate through hidden channels, the Pacific Bear, a refurbished fishing boat, offers you incomparable views of Desolation Sound, virtually unchanged from its earliest discovery. Says Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours founder George Bartel: “It’s a twist on traditional cruising… I’ve been in the travel business for almost 40 years, and I’m interested in reshaping how people experience this part of the world. It’s an experience that you are unable to find anywhere else.”

Passengers of the Pacific Bear will have an all-inclusive wilderness lodge experience which includes a stay at Homfray Lodge on the remote waters of Homfray Channel in Desolation Sound, as well as Grizzly Bears tours.

Desolation Sound has the warmest waters of the B.C. coast with temperatures in the Sound often exceeding 22°C (75°F) from June to September. It is the second-deepest sound in North America, reaching depths of 2,400 feet with peaks rising up to 8,000 feet from the water. With less than a knot of current, many global boaters and sea kayakers regard Desolation Sound as a spectacular destination.

This coastal haven of deep fjords and towering 7,000-foot peaks, boasts spectacular waterfalls, glacier-fed rivers and magnificent Coastal Mountains in the backdrop. And the small size of the boat allows guests to get up-close-and-personal with the fjords. “On the boat, there’s a rooftop where you can have lunch. We stop at the waterfalls and get so close that we can feel the splash of the water on our cheeks,” says Sabrina Ouellette, reservations coordinator at Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours, which runs the tours.

Exclusive and personal, Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours and stays at Homfray Lodge have tailored different kinds of journeys for you, where you can access the best places on the BC coast.

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