Discover the hidden gem at the heart of Burnaby

The Heights neighbourhood at the heart of Burnaby is one of the secret gems of the Lower Mainland. Centrally located, the area is marked by the instantly recognizable neon sign of Helen the Swinging Girl, an iconic landmark of the community since 1956.

While visitors may know this area by the vibrant shops and services lining Hasting Streets, there’s much more to this flourishing neighbourhood than first meets the eye.

The real charm of The Heights comes from this community’s dedication to keeping its small-town feel while evolving to meet the needs of everyone who lives, works and visits here.

Established over a hundred years ago, the central commercial area is bustling with a vibrant mix of independent local businesses, as well as well-loved franchises. The diverse range of shops, services and restaurants serve as the foundation of this community. Always ready to serve with a smile, the business owners are friendly and approachable.

Walkable and charming, the Heights neighbourhood also has plenty of outdoor activities with a number of parks, trails and amenities just off the main street.

With all the treasures hidden in plain sight to discover in this neighbourhood, where do you begin to explore? The Burnaby Now has created The Heights Spotlight to help you get started.

To unlock one of the best-kept secrets for shopping and dining in Burnaby, swing on by the Heights neighbourhood along Hastings Street. Discover the irresistible charm of this quaint, vibrant community with The Heights Spotlight.

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