Considering dentures? Here’s how they could improve your quality of life

Duke Park, owner and registered denturist at Duke Park Denture Clinic and Laboratory shares why dentures are about more than esthetics.

Duke Park trained as a dental technician in his native South Korea for one-and-a-half years before moving to Vancouver where he completed the Denturist course at Vancouver Community College (VCC). After working in a variety of denture clinics, in 2017 Park opened his own clinic and lab in Burnaby on Edmonds Street. With a growing patient roster, he is helping create healthier and happier smiles for those who have lost teeth or have had them extracted. Here he accepts emergency cases, mobile services and walk-in patients.

Though many people could benefit from wearing dentures, Park says some people are hesitant about undergoing these procedures because of the cost or the stigma involved. But these fixes can drastically improve a patient’s quality of life: “I see many situations where people have upper dentures but no lower posterior dentures. In this case adding back lower dentures would allow them to eat more, to be healthier and to have better quality of life.” This will also help prevent the upper dentures from falling out compared to if only the lower anterior teeth were remaining.

Park also urges people to take action and replace missing teeth (even if it’s just one or two that are missing) and to get regular check-ups to maintain dental hygiene. “It saves money and pain in the future,” he explains.

There is also the option of creating dentures that fit over implant abutments: “This way patients can wear dentures and they won’t fall out as easily,” Park explains.

When it comes to taking care of dentures Park has a few tips. First, be sure to get check-ups every six months to ensure there are no issues that need resolving. Next, always take dentures out at night and soak them in water with a cleaning tablet (such as Polident). And it’s best not to use toothpaste when cleaning dentures: instead, use a denture paste or an antibacterial soap.

Finally, don’t forget to smile and show off your beautiful new teeth! Says Park: “The best part of my job is checking a patient’s smile after I’ve inserted their new dentures.”

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