Burnaby’s International Dining Stars

Here in Burnaby we’re lucky to have a variety of dining options representing cuisines from around the globe. Whether you are craving French or Japanese, casual or high-end, you’ll find an eatery in the municipality to suit you.

Named one of Canada’s most livable communities, Burnaby is home to a variety of independent, family-run eateries. The city also boasts a selection of well-known chain restaurants. Many of these establishments are packed with regular guests who are residents of Burnaby as well as patrons who travel from other parts of the Lower Mainland.

Along with these restaurants comes a slew of new eateries opening in areas of Burnaby that are undergoing development, including North Burnaby and the Metrotown area.

Whether you dine out regularly or you prefer to cook at home and reserve restaurants for special occasions, you want to know that you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on an excellent experience which includes great customer service and a comfortable ambiance.

But how do you decide where to eat for a first date, a breakfast meeting or a family dinner?

You could ask a friend or family member to provide some recommendations but it’s always helpful to have an expert opinion. That’s where the Burnaby Now’s International Dining Stars directory comes in. We’ve taken the time to curate a list of some of Burnaby’s top dining spots here https://burnaby.starlocal.ca/international-dining/

Whether you’re looking for Burnaby’s best pizza joint, a quiet bistro for a first date, or a fun pub, we have a recommendation for you.


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