Bantam Hockey Academy launches in Burnaby

Westwaters Hockey Academy is a high-performance skills-based program that teaches your child to understand the complexity of hockey and to strive to reach their highest goals. It is a training platform that helps nine to 17-year-old hockey players reach their potential.

“We provide top-level coaching and skills on the path to shaping their future,” explains Michael Chong, Chief Operating Officer, Westwaters Hockey Academy. “We instill student athletes with a sense of what playing pros feels like: the responsibility, the ability, the skills and the drive. If you want to succeed you have all of these—and the passion.”

In the after-school program, elite-student athletes practice and participate in games. The academy molds the players into mature young adults and teaches them how to act and react to constructive criticism and how to interact with adults, scouts, coaches and peers. They also gain valuable knowledge about hockey etiquette, respect, athlete diets and racism in sports.

“We are different from other hockey academies,” says Chong. “We bring the best of an academy and pride ourselves in not having to uproot athletes from their academic schooling. We are more affordable because we do not have to add the academic expense to the program.”

Westwaters Hockey Academy offers U16 AAA, U14 AAA and U12 AAA programs. These are high-performance seven-month (September to March) sessions of on-ice hockey practices, off-ice training in a hockey-specific training facility, an extensive game schedule, classroom and numerous scouting profiles and opportunities.

You can’t teach passion, but Westwaters Hockey Academy can mold your child’s existing drive and teach players how to achieve their goals and dreams and to unlock their potential.

To sign your kids up for the tryout sessions, visit the academy’s website.

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