Affordable healthy meals for kids

Mahdi Sahebnasagh is no stranger to startups. He has been an entrepreneur for most of his career. His latest venture was inspired by the desire to bring healthful meals to kids in the Lower Mainland, many of whom go hungry or are fueling their days with empty calories. “It’s a major problem we’re trying to solve,” says Sahebnasagh over the phone. “Parents who have kids have to work full-time jobs. Often they cook dinner but are too tired to make meals for their kids’ lunches the following day. So kids end up with processed food, prepared foods. When you look at the statistics and how diet is related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, it’s quite shocking.”

Enter Kindermeals, a company Sahebnasagh launched in September 2017, which provides healthful meals for children’s lunches. Parents can order meals online, and they are prepared by The Caterer in Burnaby and delivered hot and ready to eat, directly to the children’s daycares or schools at lunchtime. Kindermeals also offers catering service for daycares. Every meal has a main and a side-dish, and so far all of the ingredients are plant-based. The meals are available in small, medium and large sizes and range in price from $5.49 to $7.49.

Options include items such as the Falafel Rice Bowl, Hearty Homemade Chili and the Protein Powerhouse Mini Burgers. Although many schools offer Hot Lunch programs, Sahebnasagh says many of the items offered on those menus are high in calories and fat and low in nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Kindermeals could also be used as an option for hot lunch program.

Kindermeals already has 50 children signed up, most of which are based on Vancouver’s West Side. But Sahebnasagh has a vision that one day Kindermeals will be available to kids across the Lower Mainland.

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