A weekly workshop series focusing on coping strategies after a diagnosis

For the past 30 years, Burnaby Hospice Society has helped thousands of families in the Burnaby area by offering grief counselling, hospice palliative care, bereavement support and community education

Now Burnaby Hospice Society wants to take the next step.

“We currently have a seed grant fund for a free weekly workshop series,” says Liina McNeil, a counsellor at Burnaby Hospice Society.“It’s designed to help people who are living with life-limiting illness as well as those who are grieving, and also those looking to be proactive.

“The goal is to provide friendly information on some pretty big topics.”

Serving the Burnaby community, the not-for-profit organization has compiled a comprehensive list of information for all Burnaby residents, family members, and caregivers, and for those people who have either been diagnosed with—or have lost a loved one to—a terminal illness.

“At the workshops we help people understand the last stages of life and what to expect,” says McNeil. “For example, fatigue and burnout are among the most common challenges people with an illness—and their caregivers--face. We help them prepare for that.”

While end-of-life care may seem like a morose topic for many, the Burnaby Hospice Society is determined to change that narrative and empower all Burnaby residents through their free information sessions.

“As a society we know that people do better in a given situation when they have more information about what is going to happen next,” says McNeil. “Why should discussions around the end-of-life journey be any different? We all know that none of us are going to live forever. On the other hand, if we give people more skills, information and knowledge about the various aspects of end-of-life care, they’ll be much more successful dealing with the process.”

 For more information about Burnaby Hospice Society drop by their location at 4535 Kingsway, Burnaby, visit their website, send an email or call directly at 604-520-5087. You can also find Burnaby Hospice Society on Facebook.

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