A moving memorial: Funeral network connecting Canada and the U.S.

Planning for the end of your life is a good idea, but what happens if plans change?

When it comes to arranging your funeral, choosing funeral services with flexibility means not having to worry about leaving complications behind.

You can’t take it with you when you go, but you can take your funeral with you if you move – at least, if you have a pre-arranged funeral with Dignity Memorial®, according to Andrew Knapman, Location Manager at Forest Lawn Funeral Home in Burnaby.  

“If a person who purchases a pre-need funeral here at Forest Lawn moves to the Interior or Ontario, or moves to Texas or any one of the States, there’s a funeral home close to them that can utilize that pre-need funeral,” he explains. “So they don’t have to cancel.”

The National Transferability program is available to any clients who live more than 160 kilometres from where they made their arrangements when they pass away. The pre-arranged funeral services are fully transferable.

Dignity Memorial® can also help families if someone with a pre-arranged funeral dies while travelling. The network can connect family members with a funeral home in the area that can arrange the transportation of the deceased loved one. The family just has to cover the transportation fee.

“If a death occurs when they’re travelling away from home, a funeral home there will assist them at no extra charge,” Knapman says.

Making funeral arrangements in advance can help families avoid piling stress on top of grief when they lose someone. But it’s best to make sure those arrangements will still work if you move away or go adventuring. It’s one more way to ensure the people you love don’t have to scramble to honour your wishes.

Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Ocean View Funeral Home in Burnaby are part of the Dignity Memorial® network, which links more than 2,000 funeral service providers throughout North America.

To learn more about the National Transferability Program, available at both Burnaby funeral homes, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or go to the Forest Lawn website or the Ocean View website. Forest Lawn is at 3789 Royal Oak Ave. and Ocean View is at 4000 Imperial St. 

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