A clean place to play: Finding the right adventure park

It can be hard to keep kids clean. But parents shouldn’t have to worry that the equipment they play on is dirty, too.

Finding the right indoor play park, where kids can jump around and have fun in a tidy, well-maintained space, takes good powers of observation, according to Morey Chaplick, owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Surrey.

Chaplick prides himself on his spotless jump park and considers cleanliness one of the most important aspects of his facility.

“We’re safe, we’re clean, we’re totally customer focused,” he says.

The first and best way to determine whether a facility is clean is the smell, according to Chaplick. If the scent of children’s feet is overpowering, it’s time to find a new place to play.

A good indoor play centre will be air conditioned, and the air should smell fresh, he adds.

Visible messiness is also a bad sign. Dirty floors, food containers tossed about, sticky surfaces – all indicate there are not proper cleaning procedures in place for the facility.

The play equipment should also be in good shape and kept clean. If a parent notices anything wrong with the equipment, they should let staff know right away. And if it isn’t addressed, they should consider that a big red flag.

At Sky Zone, the trampolines are cleaned with special sanitizers every day, according to Chaplick.

“You want it to be a place where you don’t have to worry about how clean it is,” Chaplick says.

And finally, it’s a good sign if the owner and managers are cleaning up as they go. It shows they care about the play park, and it sets a good example for staff, Chaplick says.

Any place where children play should be inspected regularly. Parents should feel confident in every aspect of a facility and if they do have any concerns, they can always discuss it with management.

For more information about the cleanliness standards at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Surrey, call 778-395-5867 or visit their website. Sky Zone in Surrey is at 11125-124th Street, just over the Pattullo Bridge. The indoor trampoline park can also be found on Facebook.

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