3 ways hearing aids could change your life

What are the benefits of wearing a hearing aid? The answer sounds obvious right? But according to Stuart Lloyd, from Burnaby-based Lloyd Hearing Solutions, hearing aids do more than just help people to hear again. In fact, they have the power to help change lives.

As the owner of a family business that’s been serving the local community for more than 47-years, Stuart knows what he’s talking about. So aside from the obvious, we asked him to share just some of the ways that better hearing can change peoples’ lives.

1. Improve relationships - Communication is an essential part of any relationship, so it’s understandable that hearing loss can have a huge impact on our ability to relate to our family, friends and co-workers. Frustration is a common side effect of untreated hearing loss, and people often find that their relationships can begin to break down due to the stress involved with even the simplest of conversations.

Hearing aids can help you to rebuild those relationships. Whether they enable you to have intimate conversations with your loved ones again, share stories with friends, or simply hear your children laugh - getting your hearing back can put your relationship back on track.

2. Tackle depression - Studies have shown that people with hearing loss are more susceptible to social isolation and depression. Whether it’s through depression, frustration, or embarrassment, people with untreated hearing loss can cut themselves off from the people, places and activities that were once mainstays of their everyday lives.

These are all vital to maintaining good mental health, and a hearing aid can help you to become part of these conversations again and re-engage with your life.

3. Help at work - Work can be stressful enough at the best of times, now imagine what it must be like if you are suffering from hearing loss. What if you miss a crucial piece of information, or you have to ask a client or co-worker to continually repeat themselves? Your hearing problems could have a very real impact on workplace relationships, or even the success of the business itself.

Hearing aids can alleviate these issues however, helping to not only ensure that your existing professional relationships thrive but that you are able to continue to make new ones for years to come.

Lloyd Hearing Solutions has been a trusted source of hearing solutions to the Burnaby community for more than 45 years. To book your free consultation, call (604) 434-2070 or visit them at 205-5066 Kingsway.

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