Skip the Dentist, See the Denturist

Coquitlam denturist Boris Eroshevski of the Austin Denture Clinic is one of the skilled craftsmen behind today’s functional, natural-looking prosthetic teeth. And you don’t need a referral from your dentist to see him.

“You can come directly to a denturist,” says Boris. “Dentists are doctors, but they do not fabricate the dentures. That’s the work of denturists.”

It’s a common misconception that dentists do any denture-related work in-house. In fact, dentists outsource all of their denture work—which is why it makes sense to visit the denturist directly.

As it is with most consumer products, there are many variables when it comes to the quality of dentures, mostly as it pertains to the type of materials used. A denturist will inform you of exactly how your dentures are made and give you options based on what your lifestyle requires.

The initial steps required to make a good denture are the same whether you see the dentist first or not. Impressions are made of your upper and lower jaw using an impression tray and alginate. After the impressions are made, on your next appointment, the denturist will do a ‘Try-in’ where you can give your suggestions regarding the aesthetics before the final fabrication of the denture.

After the Try-in, the denturist will call you in for a fit. And once the dentures are fitted, you will be required to come for a few adjustments.

With the dentist, the process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, or even longer depending on the dentist’s and the outside lab’s availability. At Austin Denture Clinic, the timelines are shorter and much more predictable.

“The dentist is the middle-man with dentures,” says Boris. “Here, we do all the work in-office. We look after the patient’s needs from beginning to end. Fewer hands touch the case, and the end product is completely personalized to the patient.”

For more information about dentures, contact Austin Denture Clinic at 604-939-1313, by email or in person at 230-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam. 

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