Letter: Grandparents say they're not too old for #MeToo

The Editor,

Re. "Adults have to educate and protect kids re. sexual assault" (Opinions & More, The Tri-City News, Jan. 9).

Regarding this comment in the referenced editorial: “It may be too late for some in older generations to understand or care about #Me Too but not for those just starting out in life and the adults who have a duty to protect them.”

My husband and I strongly disagree with that statement. We have two adult daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson. We worry even more today. Society has not gotten better but much worse, as far as we are concerned.

With all the social media available, you would think these incidences would be less prevalent as more people have ways to report them, even without revealing themselves. We are in our 70s and have more fear today about this situation than ever.

It's not only young people who understand the #MeToo movement — we most certainly do as well.

We strongly support #MeToo and we can only hope for more education and understanding of this problem.

Teacher Ryan Cho is doing the best thing by promoting these classes for all students. It will benefit all of us in the future.

Beverly & Andrew Skerratt, Coquitlam

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