Letter: 'Squealing' train noise will force this Port Moody resident out

The Editor,

I am new to Port Moody and live on the 20th floor of an apartment building in the Klahanie neighbourhood. Both myself and my partner are retired, and thankfully so as we are sure we could not put in a day's work after the lack of sleep we suffer on a regular basis.

We are aware that the rail line has existed in Port Moody for 130 years and obviously Canadian Pacific is the owner. The trains run 24/7. The trains at night are just as loud and long as during the day. The noise shakes our apartment and is a combination of loud engine noise and squealing and scraping.

We are still amazed that people can happily live in this area with this kind of disruption. We have been told by others in our building to either wear ear plugs or close the window at night, or just get used to it.

The rail line is apparently under the domain of the federal government, and the local municipality has therefore no control or influence over the train noise. Obviously, no effort has been made to ameliorate the terrific noise of the trains.

But plentiful property taxes are collected all across this noise belt by the city of Port Moody. I wonder why no change has been made to smother the cacophony that is relentless, especially at night. A wall the length of the line that runs past homes could be some kind of solution.

I doubt that we can renew our lease at our apartment as we are often sleep-deprived and cannot seem to tolerate the situation in which others have lived for years. It would be with regret that we leave as there are many enjoyable aspects of life in this small community. People's enjoyment and quiet life here in Port Moody is, however, not a concern of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Claire Anderson, Port Moody

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