Letter: Port Moody mayor didn't display any 'misogyny'


Re: 'Condescending and misogynistic' treatment leads Port Moody councillor to see code of conduct, Tri-City News

As a long-time council watcher, and a lifelong feminist, I'm appalled by what Coun. Diana Dilworth said. There was no display of misogyny by the mayor, and her statement comes across as a crass political manoeuvre.

It's clear Mayor Rob Vagramov and Dilworth are at odds politically and after the last municipal election the situation escalated.

I've watched different dynamics at city hall play out over many years. It can get very nasty and Dilworth knows the tactics and how to play the crowds.

The exchange on July 28 was testy to be sure, with Dilworth attempting to speak out of turn. She was aggressive and rude in my opinion. Vagramov (like him or not) chaired the meeting and reminded Dilworth she'd already spoken to the matter at hand.

I'm extremely disheartened by this illegitimate weaponizing of feminism for political purposes, as well as the enabling of it by regular and social media.

Hazel Mason, Port Moody    

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