Letter: Port Moody councillor right to seek workplace code for women who feel unsafe

The Editor,

Re. “‘Condescending and misogynistic’ treatment leads Port Moody councillor to seek code of conduct,” (Tri-City News, Sept. 10) and “Letter: Port Moody mayor didn’t display any ‘misogyny’” (Tri-City News, Sept. 14)

I am writing in support of the Oct. 13 motion contained in agenda item 9.1 Port Moody Council brought forward by Councillor Diana Dilworth.

It is unfair, in 2020, to have a wide body of individuals not have their workplace covered and protected by a set of standards that provides guidance, rules and fair and equitable recourse with respect to the workplace environment. 

It is unfair, in 2020, for any individual mayor or councillor not to have fair representation if an issue of unfair, disrespectful or unsafe workplace environment should occur.

It is unfair, in 2020, to expect a body of persons (a council) to be able to fairly adjudicate a human rights issue with no experience, education or training in facilitating such discussion and decision making.

I can see no reason for any council member to object that Port Moody council requests the province to provide such legislation and tools to enable every local government elected member in B.C. to feel safe, protected and heard in their workplace.

Take Care and Stay Safe.

Laura Dick, Port Moody

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