Letter: 'Obscene' pay hikes for School District 43 administrators

The Editor,

Re. "Big hikes for admin as teachers fight for pay raises" (The Tri-City News, Nov. 28).

I thought it was obscene to see such a huge pay rise and the amounts that the School District 43’s top staff members earn.

Whilst teachers are fighting for not only wages but, also, smaller classes and programs that are cut, only the children suffer in all of this. And parents dig deeper into their pockets to pay for supplies for their kids at school.

Take a look at how many people working cannot even get an increase in pay. People cannot afford to buy houses, they struggle to put food on their table, buy gas for their cars, yet certain people are earning six figures.

Maybe they should take a pay cut to fund programs in schools.

S. Mullen, Port Coquitlam

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