Letter: Hunting is OK, it's poaching that needs stopping


In regards to the recent letters written for and against hunting, I just wanted to give my two cents.

Both sides had compelling arguments; however, a dark side of hunting was not one of the topics of conversation.

That topic is poaching.

Poaching leads to the devastation and extinction of species due to human greed.

I don't mind if people hunt and use the whole animal, I like the way the Inuit give to the entire community to make sure everyone has enough food.

What I don't like are poachers and trophy hunters. Trophy hunters pay a guide to help them “bag a big one” - usually they will take the head, a pelt, claws, etc. and leave the rest to rot.

Poachers usually take parts for trophies or for medicine and leave the rest of the animal to rot.

They hunt without a licence and out of season, and they usually kill the first animal that comes along regardless of sex, age, species, etc.

The methods of the kill are questionable too. They don't care about the suffering of the animal, most of their kills are not quick and painless as they should be.

This is not hunting; this is just wrong, on every level. They need to be stopped.

Karen Guy

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