Business Excellence Awards: Richmond's BlackboxMyCar wins entrepreneur award

BlackboxMyCarwas founded in 2012 by Alex Jang after his family members were involved in a car accident, resulting in a lengthy insurance claim and legal case that took many years to resolve.

Without an unbiased perspective on scene at the accident, Jang realized that dashboard cameras, which were mostly popular in Europe and Asia at the time, would have helped provide evidence in resolving their claim more quickly.

Jang set out to introduce dashcams to the North American market and educate the public about their safety benefits and advantages. Starting his business from home, Jang successfully grew his company, earning $75,000 in annual revenue in its first year, with an exponential growth in later years.

By building trust with customers, BlackboxMyCar earned a strong reputation as a leader in the industry and with external partners, such as the RCMP, CSIS and the FBI.

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