Larry Wright

Humans of New Westminster

Humans of New Westminster is inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York.

In my job as the photographer for the New Westminster Record, I meet and talk to many people every day. Everyone has a story and Humans of New Westminster is about sharing some of these connections with our community.

Connect and enjoy,

Larry Wright

Guy Quesnel

'I was a wild beast'

My wife has been the most influential person in my life. I was a wild beast and she put me in my place. My dad was a great influence on me in the way I run this place. I ...

Gina Lam

'Know that they are loved'

What is the greatest hope for your children ? As a parent you always hope that they will be safe and happy and find fulfillment in life. For myself those are important...

Ken Straw ( Shaggy)

'My dream is to win a Minto Cup or a Mann Cup'

What has been one of your happiest moment ? I have come close to winning a Minto Cup one year, I have not won one yet, I have never won one. My...

Joey Le

'They make me the happiest person'

My happiest time is when I volunteer at B.C. Children’s Hospital. The kids make me laugh, they make me smile and they give me more than what I give to them. They make me ...

Marie Denno

I wanted to become a flight attendant

One thing I would've liked to have done is become a flight attendant and traveled the world but I never pursued it. I stayed home because I got married so young, so now I ...

Ken Straw

'Even the police say hi to me'

I have lived in New Westminster since I was 15, I’m 60 now. Some of the fun things I like to do in town are to go to lacrosse games at Queen’s Park Arena. I also like to ...

Gina Lam

'Life is so beautiful'

Question is what inspires you in life ? Wow that's a big question. Life is so beautiful there are so many things that inspire me, they include nature all around, living ...

Joey Le

Loved every single moment

My greatest achievement was the decision I made to move to New West, into a small town. I have loved every single moment of the last 13 years. I look back and every day is ...

Guy Quesnel

Third generation

My greatest achievement is being able to maintain my family's business. I'm happy I've been able to do that. I'm the third generation and I will be the last. . . .

Julia Gould

My happiest time

My happiest time was during the years I taught school in an alternate school in Burnaby. It doesn’t exist anymore, but at the time was like teaching in a one-room country ...