Turns out, Bowen's a pretty giving community

The following stories were part of our Giving on Bowen edition. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the giving on Bowen but it provides wonderful examples of islanders' generosity.

Editor's note about Giving on Bowen: 

I love this Undercurrent special. 

Bowen has vibrant community organizations and so many volunteers so writing and reading about them is a delight.

Though some may say volunteering on Bowen is not “like it used to be,” that’s ok. The island will never be like it used to be but we continue to choose the kind of community we want to live in and the services we want to see. 

From the volunteer firefighters to the sports organizers, Bowen relies on islanders’ gift of time. For example, this year Sam Nosek (not single handedly but ably) created the Veteran’s Park Disc Golf Course. There’s Sheana Stevenson who, with her team of volunteers, pulled off yet another successful Bowfest. There’s Graham Ritchie of the Snug Cove House Society and a dedicated board who have been plugging away at building supportive housing for seniors for the past 20 years. There’s this year’s citizen of the year, Peter King, who, though technically paid, created and kept alive the Express Bus until the Bowen Transportation Society relieved some of his burden earlier this year. 

These are just the names that jumped into my deadline-addled brain, hundreds more people deserve mentions. 

Thank you all. What a fortunate community this is. 

Bowen stories of giving: 

Giving elvin magic: Basia Lieske is Light Up Bowen's special elf

Giving trails: Bowen Island Trail Society contributes to maintaining and improving local trails

Giving lifestyle: Rotary's district governor visited Bowen last month to meet with the island's small but mighty club

Giving IPS Students: Island Pacific School was nominated for a Giving Hearts Award for Outstanding Youth Philanthropist

Giving greens: Bowen Island Golf Course continues to be a local gem

Giving expertise: did you know that more than 120 volunteers sit on BIM committees?

Giving history: a new arbour and outdoor gallery for Bowen Island Museum and Archives

Giving to support the foundation of the 'Bowen Way': B.I. Community Foundation

Giving hope: nurturing hope in kids in the face of the environmental crisis

Giving (to) C.A.W.E.S.: the Silvas donated the proceeds of their book Little Island Dogs to C.A.W.E.S.

Thank you to all our contributors and to all the givers on this island. You rock!

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