Having raised thousands and run amid the thousands in the NYC Marathon, Leverton returns triumphant

The New York City Marathon has come and gone and Damian Leverton is back on Bowen Island after a successful and enjoyable week in the Big Apple. Many Bowen Islanders contributed to his fundraising effort, whether through Crowdrise or the jars at the Ruddy Potato or Cates Pharmacy. In case you didn’t know, Damian was asked to raise US $3,000 for Komera Canada, in order to participate in the event. Not daunted by this challenge, Damian set to, and in record time had raised over $5000 in Canadian funds, thanks to his family, friends and supporters. 

The NYC Marathon hosts 50,000 runners on a course that starts on Staten Island with a view of the Statue of Liberty, then winds through Brooklyn to Manhattan, ending in Central Park. Damian had ideal running weather and was boosted by the enthusiastic crowds along every inch of the way, and more particularly by the cheers of his wife, Rosemarie. By the end of the 26.2 miles, he was naturally exhausted. 

To put it in his own words, “I was happy, relieved, tired and to be honest, pretty emotional. It was an amazing experience and if anyone asks you where to do a marathon I would certainly recommend NYC.” 

Damian managed an extremely respectable 4:16:37 time.

The $5,290 that Damian and his supporters raised goes to Komera Canada, a local charity that raises funds to sponsor young Rwandan women at senior secondary school in rural Rwanda and pays university fees for those who qualify. A heartfelt cheer goes to Damian for taking on both the challenge of his first marathon and fundraising for a worthwhile cause. 

By the way, anyone up for a March 2020 half-marathon in New York City? Komera has some bibs for supporters! 

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