Giving elvin magic

Basia Lieske is Light Up Bowen's special elf

Light Up Bowen’s got a special elf

And she doesn’t sit around on some old shelf!

Twinkling her way around the Cove

Trees with lights they are wove!

Candy Cane Lanes and garlands galore

we say “stop,” she says “more!”

You better be ready to come and play

And join in all the MAGIC that’s on display!

(and if you’re good maybe see Santa arrive in his Bowen sleigh!)

I have been at ground zero for the past week watching Basia Lieske decorate the entire Cove for Light Up Bowen.  For me, Basia is the true definition of “Giving” on Bowen Island.  She and her merry band of Elves have worked tirelessly for days decorating.  The behind the scenes work Basia has put in is even more impressive:  grants written, sponsors sought, decorations ordered.  Then setting it up, taking it down, storing, advertising, organizing mascots and other individuals helping on the evening of Light Up, truly the list is endless.  It makes sense that Basia is Santa’s head elf because of her outstanding organizational abilities which, I understand is one of the main job requirements of being an Elf.

I asked Basia what the number one reason was for her to organize Light Up.  Her answer was very simple; she feels her God-given gift is “hospitality.”

I want to thank Basia and her team for their Bowen gift of “giving” in putting together this magical event for all Bowen Islanders to enjoy this Saturday. For me personally, this year I am going to love attending Light Up even more having had the opportunity to see the time, love, dedication and hard work that our one and only Head Bowen Elf, Basia Lieske, has put into making it happen!

Thanks, Basia, you’re the best elf ever!

––Katherine Gish

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