Walk the (slack)line, or at least give it a try

In spite of its name, slacklining has nothing to do with slacking off.

It’s challenging to balance on a dynamic line, suspended between two points.

And it’s even more challenging to try the wobbly-legged experience without a good deal of laughing — especially if you’re new to it, like me.

That’s all part of the experience, says Kiley Redhead co-owner of Bowen Island Adventures, along with partner, Baz Cardinal.

Their three-hour slacklining workshop, Line Up For Fun, aims to introduce the sport to people of all levels, says Redhead, right here on Bowen.

“Under the canopy of majestic trees, try your hand — or should we say ‘feet’ — at this addictive sport. During this adventure, you will help rig up the line and learn the basics of getting on and taking your first steps,” says the event’s description.

Some people are intimidated by the sport, she says, until they try it.

“People don’t realize that you can immediately have fun,” says Redhead. “The whole learning process is fun.”

Slackline pic 1
Kiley Redhead stays focused on the slackline. - Submitted

Cardinal describes his first attempt at the balancing sport quite vividly.

“My leg was shaking and swinging as if it had a mind of its own, which induced a hearty laughing fit,” he says, in a blog post on their website.

Redhead says all their events and workshops aim to encourage people to get outside and try new things, from slacklining to rock climbing or foraging.  

“We want people to fall in love with being outside,” she says. “And we want people to realize that they’re capable of doing more than they thought.”

Their next slacklining workshop will be held Saturday, May 5.  

You can learn more about their upcoming adventures on Bowen Island, and see a full calendar here at BowenIslandAdventures.com.

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