Ruddy has sold

Dear Editor: 

It was with mixed emotions that I announced to staff last week that the Ruddy Potato has entered into an agreement of purchase to sell all of its assets and undertakings to Summer Equinox Fine Foods Inc.  

The Ruddy Potato began as Dunfield and Daughters in a tiny space in lower Snug Cove. In 2001 and after I purchased the business, the Ruddy opened its present location in the beautiful custom-built building in Village Square. The Ruddy Kitchen on Sunset Road was added in 2007. For the past 19 years my general manager, Ellen MacIntosh, has dedicated her career to overseeing the operations of the company and to advise and guide me in developing the architecture of the business to ensure growth and financial health of the Ruddy.  Known as the “community store with a heart” the Ruddy employs a full complement of local island staff and I am very proud of the company we have all built together. A company like ours doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and real commitment.

The closing sale transactions will be completed Aug. 9 and Bowen resident Tony Davis will take the helm on Aug 10. Summer Equinox Fine Foods Inc. will continue doing business as “The Ruddy Potato” and all staff have been offered an employment opportunity under the new ownership.

I’m excited about the potential this sale brings for the business, and optimistic that the new owner will share in our goals and vision, and continue to provide essential services to the customers who rely on us.  I’m also excited to be able to begin a new chapter in my life and I will take fond memories with me and treasure the friendships I have made.

Daniel Heald, Owner

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