LETTER: Plowing priority for Seniors Road should remain

Dear Mayor and Council:

Thank you for having Seniors Road plowed after I phoned on Monday morning. The road was dangerous for many days due to the accumulation of snow and ice. Many seniors at Bowen Court do not own cars and their principle way of getting to the Cove for groceries is walking down Seniors Road. It is also the primary emergency access to Bowen Court when the hill down to Miller Road is slippery. 

Not many winters ago, during a similar snowy time, one of our residents fell in her unit and broke her hip. Neither the ambulance nor the fire truck were able to get to her and eventually they had to lift her – painfully – into a high pickup truck onto the seat to take her to the ferry. 

After that unfortunate incident, I requested of the muni that the priority for plowing the road be raised to prevent that happening again, and it was for some time. But now it seems to have reverted to one of the last roads to get cleared. Please, in the name of safety and caring for our seniors, make sure that Seniors Road is a top priority for snow removal.

Paul Fast

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