Letter: looking for green waste solutions together

Dear Editor:

I write in reference to the “Learning to love our carbon-holding soil” article that appeared in the July 4 edition of theBowen Island Undercurrent

Thank you, Meribeth Deen for shining the light on the possibility of a green waste facility on Bowen. As an owner and operator of Bowen Waste Service for the last 25 years, this is not Bowen’s first kick at that can. Historically, Bowen had its first green waste pilot project in 1998 and officially began separating food waste in 2012, well before the 2015 Metro Vancouver ban. Separating organics gave Bowen the first step in preparing our feedstock for potential on-island processing. Then came identifying possible working sites and our ability to adhere to strict regulations and workable budgets…none identified proved successful.

Bowen Waste Service has throughout our most recent contract reported on the risk of continuing the status quo while researching potential small-scale processing, encompassing the latest technology to reduce off island transportation and costly disposal.

In a recent meeting with BIFS (Bowen Island Food Sovereignty) member Phil Gregory, our discussion included the failure of many large-scale organic ventures and the need for scientific understanding with smaller scale solutions. This brought to light a need for direction from council in identifying goals around local organic processing. This matter has subsequently been presented to Bowen Island Municipal Council for review and associated planning.

I look forward to consultatively sharing information and working closely with BIM and the BIFS group towards developing a most effective solution of restoration and regeneration in our community.

Louise McIntosh

Co-owner, Bowen Waste Service

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