Letter: Knick Knack Nook raises $10,000 for the Health Centre project

Dear editor:

Ten years ago, a dedicated group of volunteers came together to create one of Bowen Island’s best-loved institutions: the Knick Knack Nook. To help create a new and vitally-needed Bowen institution––the Bowen Island Health Centre–– the Nook generously included the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation in its celebrations.

Through their month-long online auction and anniversary celebration at the Legion on 

Saturday night, the Nook raised more than $10,000 for the Health Centre Foundation. This money represents the effort and generosity of many organizers, volunteers, auction donors, and bidders. We would like to thank a few of those who played key roles in the success of the auction and the evening: Donna and Tim Scorer, Katherine and John Lawrence, Cheryl Evans, Cathy Bayly, Mercia Sixta, David and Shirley Wrinch, Jane Kellet, Susan Leithead, and Julie Saxton and the dozens of KKN volunteers who helped at the event. Last but not least, a special shout out to the glamorous stars of the bottle auction fashion show, and to the highly entertaining (and persuasive) auctioneer, Graham Ritchie. 

We are particularly grateful to the Knick Knack Nook for their decision to absorb all the costs of the event this year, and donate the full proceeds to the Health Centre Foundation.

We still have a way to go to meet the fundraising target for the Health Centre, and it will take everyone to help make it happen. This past Saturday night was a great reminder of the spirit and generosity in this community that will get us there.

—Tim Rhodes, President, Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation



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