'Just let me look at you'

This morning, insights galore, while brushing my teeth, squeegeeing the shower, opening the blinds, and so on. A prominent thought was about: how a sunset doesn’t try to be beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This reminded me of a friend’s post from a cruise. She shared photos of a beautiful sunset and wrote that an onlooker watched her take the photos, saying, “You’d think that some people had never seen a sunset before.”

I continued noticing insights come and go, not entertaining any particular ones, just letting them pass. One thought stayed with me though: Hey, I’m not meditating and yet the listening is active. This can certainly be an all-day practice at varied levels.

I wondered why people meditate. How is that different?

I sat down in the cozy wingback, blanket draped to the floor and closed my eyes. “Why is this moment different from me listening while moving through my morning routine?”

“This is a meeting.”

The image presented was that of a spider’s web, where two strands have connected and a dewdrop is sitting there, glistening in light. There was more to come.

I returned to the knowing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Opened more fully to the space around me. The image presented, and the words I heard, had tears stinging my eyes.

“Just let me look at you.”

This was a meeting, just like when you meet a loved one you haven’t see in a while and they stand back to gaze at you, arms open, all smiles, greeting you with those same words.

Just let me look at you.

It was a moment of surrendering and being loved. Allowing that to happen. Plain and simple.

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