An Islander's ode to winter

Winter is so diverse and theatrical it gives us magnificent views and incredible atmosphere. 

The wind blows swirling snow directly in our faces down at the inlet, waves lash at the beach, crisscrossing the stones and grey sand, as we look at the snow-capped mountains beyond. 

A storm arrives to blanket our surroundings and hush the world around us. The trees gather up the snowflakes and branches and boughs end up with beautiful lacy topcoats making our corner of the world a winter wonderland. However, just as quickly, the wind blows again and the snow starts to fly off the trees in gossamer gusts leaving the trees bottle-green again. 

Another winter day sees cloud formations hover over the Coast Mountains. The clouds are torn and shredded by the wind swirling at the peak of the mountains. Then, a golden beams of sunlight will appear breaking through the clouds. The sky is turned a brilliant cerulean blue with white, puffy, clouds topped with a buttery gold reflection of the sun.

On other days, fog will surround us, floating gently in like soft cotton wool, wafting in and out, making ever-changing scenes for us to enjoy. It creates headless trees and disappearing roads to nowhere in greyish, white, foggy clouds that seem to tumble straight down from the sky.

Of course, we cannot forget about the torrents of winter rainfall we receive. Waterfalls and lakes are filled to bursting, giant puddles appear, and for those young at heart, with wellies, they are there to splash about in. Although we may moan about the amount of rainfall we get it does make our island such a green and pleasant land.

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