Just one chance to see this hilarious one-man show on Bowen Island

On tour this fall, The Comedy of Music, a one-man variety show presenting a satirical view on modern culture and the role of the arts in contemporary society.  

Conducted by the hilarious character Maestro Oscar Stickman (performed by Konstantin Bozhinov), The Comedy of Music presents a satirical view on modern culture and a wonderful reassessment of the arts and their role in contemporary society. Maestro Stickman accomplishes this with his brilliant use of a multitude of musical instruments and an assortment of songs and dances, wrapped in layers of comical stories and anecdotes. Maestro Stickman’s seemingly endless talent is spread in all artistic directions as he satirically demonstrates that modern visual art is no more difficult to master than an exquisite Greek folk dance. 

Maestro reveals his passionate side with a tender Irish ballad and an Argentinian tango, and in one of the more practical portions, Sir Stickman comically demonstrates what to do while on hold and which 1-800 line to call if you need a backup orchestra. A highlight of the show surely has to be Maestro’s playing of a Beethoven symphony on a comb as one of his brilliant ideas on how to reform classical music! Konstantin Ruslanov Bozhinov is a versatile musician, scholar, and entertainer. He specializes in improvisation, composition, and character comedy and enjoys a busy concert schedule as soloist, collaborator, and educator. Individuality and originality through improvisation and composition are at the core of Konstantin's philosophy and approach to music and theatre.

Check out the show at Tir-Na-Nog Theatre on Saturday November 5th at 6:30 pm.
Children under 5 are free, tickets Children between 5 and 12 are $10, adults are $20.

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