Positively Fit Turns 20!

Sometimes the most rewarding life decisions are less about precision and planning and more about a multitude of moving parts miraculously aligning and creating an opportunity. All you need to do is see it, and have the courage to jump on it. That was how Positively Fit began 20 years ago. 

I had just quit a soul destroying, full time job in the city and I was juggling numerous part time jobs to make ends meet. The one and only personal trainer on Bowen Island was moving away, and Bowen Island Community Recreation was looking to fill the position. Although leading group fitness classes had been a part time passion for me since 1984, I had never considered fitness coaching as a career. With pencil and paper I brainstormed how I could make a go of personal training while keeping my other part time jobs. 

Five years later Positively Fit was a full time endeavour, and in 2006 after a year of planning and permit applications we built Positively Fit’s home in our backyard on Miller Road. Despite the global financial crisis and a serious health issue forcing me to step back from day to day operations for a year, Positively Fit continued to thrive. 

Our award winning fitness services and community events have changed Bowen Islander’s lives for 20 years. I am bursting with gratitude for the extraordinary team of trainers – both past and present – that have delivered outstanding coaching that defines Positively Fit’s success. That gratitude extends to our amazing clients and Studio members, you are the reason we are celebrating a big Birthday and I am ever so grateful!  

Join us on November 24th, 5 – 7pm.  Refreshments served!

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