Quarantine violation nets $1,000 ticket in Richmond

Richmond RCMP issued a $1,000 violation ticket to a man who refused to stay quarantined although ordered to do so under the federal Quarantine Act.

The man left the quarantine twice. The first time, he was warned, but the second time, the ticket was issued for non-compliance on Sept. 19, explained Richmond RCMP Supt. William Ng.

“We tried the education approach, but it didn’t seem to work,” Ng told the Richmond Community COVID-19 Task Force on Tuesday.

Three weeks ago, the RCMP also issued a ticket to a badminton arena that violated compliance “on a number of occasions,” Ng explained. The facility received a fine of $2,300.

The RCMP are often called by public health agency of Canada to help with non-compliance issues at the current Richmond quarantine locations

“We’ve had to address those on a number of occasions,” Ng said.

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