Letters: Food security in Richmond amidst outbreak

Dear Editor,

As we all watch with concern (and, I hope, deep empathy) the large scale shut down and quarantine of cities with millions of people living in them due to the coronavirus epidemic, I’d like to bring into the conversation local food security — something Richmond and the B.C. government need to be actively working hard on securing, and not just as a token ‘feel good’ idea, but a reality. 

We have some of the most fertile land in the country right here, yet continue to destroy it with mega homes, port development and further afield, pipelines and dams.

If the Lower Mainland were to have a severe quarantine or shutdown due to any type of mass viral epidemic or other disaster, I understand we have about three days of food available to us in the stores.  

When buying groceries, it’s easy to observe that the vast majority of fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods are imported, so as a community we should also consider the real possibility of foods not getting exported out to us if there were to be any type of restrictions in regards to imports or a lack of foods available for export in the country of origin.

Considering this, I will continue to do what I can as an individual, by eating local, seasonal foods, supporting local healthy food production in Richmond, buying organic vegetables from Richmond farmers and by having a community garden in which I grow medicinal plants to make healing remedies for myself, family and friends.

M. Szijarto


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