Delta Optimist Columnists

  • Ted Murphy

    Ted Murphy has been the editor of the Delta Optimist for more than 20 years. He lives in Ladner with his wife, son and black Lab.

  • Brad Sherwin

    Brad Sherwin has been in the marketing and communications industry for over a quarter-century.  A graduate of SFU’s EMBA program, Brad has a well-rounded background in business strategy, communications and public policy issues. He is active in coaching hockey goalies and volunteering for local sporting events. Brad and his family have lived in Tsawwassen since 1995.

  • PJ Wren

    PJ is a local personal trainer, coach, business woman and writer in the Delta area whose mission in life is to get people to love kale, squats, lunges and life - but not necessarily in that order.   She has been guiding people to a healthier lifestyle for over 20 years, and she believes that the only one who can tell you that you can't is you- and you don't have to listen.  PJ writes about fitness and health as it pertains to the regular person and she hopes that you are reading this bio right now while working out. If not, then here's your sign to go get your runner's on and begin.

  • Sepia Sharma

    Sepia Sharma lives and works in Delta and feels passionate about the role vibrant and inclusive communities play in enhancing community health. She has over 20 years of experience in community development and is currently working as a community health specialist with Fraser Health.

  • Barbara Gunn

    Barbara Gunn is a Vancouver-born journalist who is happy to call Tsawwassen home. She has written about everything from sports to politics, but is happiest telling stories about the simplest things of daily life. Now a copy editor for Pacific Newspaper Group, Barbara has been writing her Living Matters column since 1996. As anyone familiar with her column will know, she has a husband, two sons and a household that's never dull.

  • Jean Wightman, Go Green

    Jean Wightman is a longtime South Delta resident and local environmentalist.

  • Mike Schneider

    Mike Schneider is a communications consultant specializing in web-based marketing and graphic design services. Mike has been involved with the Tsawwassen Minor Softball Association and the South Delta Liberal Riding Association, among other groups. Mike and his family have lived in Tsawwassen for two decades.

  • Ingrid Abbott

    Ingrid Abbott is a Delta based freelance writer and broadcaster who has worked in radio and television for the past 25 years. Most recently as producer and host of community programming at Delta TV.  As a 50 something journalist, with 20 something children and aging parents Abbott Writes will be a personnel and reflective blog about living in South Delta. Finding the unusual in the ordinary, or the political in the familiar there are interesting stories to be told in your community. I hope you'll follow my posts and enjoy my personnel thoughts, and you'll join in the discussion.

    Ingrid lives in Beach Grove, with her partner Mark and their 2 year old Golden Lab Rosie. She is currently writing a book about her families experiences following her husbands pancreatic cancer diagnosis and death at aged 50. 

  • Meg Neufeld and Mary Ann Burrows, An Artful Life

    Meg Neufeld is a cultural anthropologist, practicing mixed-medium artist and program director at Alongside You, a health organization that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to health, and where creative activity is encouraged amongst people of all abilities for overall health and wellness.

    Mary Ann Burrows is an artist, and the president and founder of Artists in the Village, a non-profit society that focuses on inspiring creativity within each other and the community through connection, expression and awareness.

  • ML Burke

    ML Burke retired from the health sector to work on issues such as affordable housing. She sits on the Delta Seniors Planning Team and the B.C. Seniors Advocate's Advisory Council.

  • Peter van der Velden

    An immigrant, Peter van der Velden is a former Kootenay councillor who has made Delta home for the past seven years.

  • Greg Hoover

    Greg Hoover is a project manager in industrial and commercial construction who has lived with Christina in Tsawwassen for 25 years.