Vancouver hotels light up with hearts to spread some love (PHOTOS)

Some Vancouver hotels have joined in a global movement to spread a little love from the inside out

As the sun begins to fade each evening at 7 p.m., Vancouverites who have been spending their days safely inside emerge on patios and balconies to take part in the nightly cheer to say thanks to our health care heroes. All day long, the streets of the city are starkly bare, with storefronts boarded up to ward off would-be criminal opportunists, and traffic mostly a trickle. Even the Nine o'clock gun is on a new schedule. 

With COVID-19 measures restricting travel in and out of the country, and all gatherings off limits, Vancouver's hotels have gone dark. Inside, their restaurants and spas are closed, and there are no weddings, conferences, or meetings taking place.

But some Vancouver hotels have joined in the global movement to spread a little love from the inside out by displaying hearts in their windows. Specifically, they're turning the lights on in certain rooms to form massive lit-up heart shapes, easily seen in person or in photos.

The hotels we've tracked putting their heart on their massive sides are the Fairmont properties in downtown Vancouver – at the Hotel Vancouver on Georgia, the Waterfront across from Canada Place and the Pacific Rim in Coal Harbour.

Check them out, and feel the love:


Things are strange and sad and sweet.

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P.S. the window hearts are brightening up city-scapes elsewhere, too, like in Las Vegas, where hotels and casinos are absolute icons. 


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