Letters: Time to nail Richmond's speeders

Dear Editor,

With the reopening of schools, I hope that those who drive slow down and be aware of children at all crossings.

For the last five months during COVID-19, I have done a lot of walking in many Richmond neighbourhoods.

To my dismay, I find that cars rarely slow down when travelling the streets of Richmond.

Many cars are well over the speed limit and pay no attention to marked crosswalks and zoom through.

Many times I have been the deer in the headlights with cars whizzing through the crosswalk, even one occurence with a marked RCMP car with its driver too busy looking at his computer screen.

Let’s get the RCMP to recognize this problem and put some serious enforcement in place before someone is killed by this nonsense.

I have never seen a comment on this from those in charge but they need to take action.

Neil Bruce


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