Letters: Steveston pool news alarming

Dear Editor,

Re: “Businesses send out COVID-19 alerts,” News, Aug. 27

After I read your article, I was alarmed to read that there has been a COVID-19 case at the Steveston Outdoor Pool with no information from the City of Richmond. 

Every time I go online, I see that there are cases or exposures at different businesses, restaurants, flights and workplaces.  The Steveston Outdoor Pool is a public facility with hundreds of people going through each week. I would hope that the City would provide information to the public that is using this facility. 

I have brought my grandchildren there several times this summer. It makes we wonder if enough safety measures are in place to open these public facilities. I walked by today and saw staff standing beside each other chatting with no masks and very little social distancing. 

Diane Chow


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