Letters: Seniors need safe fitness space during COVID-19

Dear Editor,

Re: “Who gets gym time?,” Voices, May 21.

I am a disabled senior living in Richmond. Despite my problems, I work very hard at staying as fit as possible. This winter/spring was of course horrendous for all, but particularly bad for persons like myself. From mid-March to early July, there have been no gyms and no pools.

I am one of the lucky ones who has a pool at our complex, but come Thanksgiving, our pools will close. 

I, like many others, am unable to walk enough for exercise, especially in cold weather, so walking in the park, or biking or jogging are not an option. 

I saw a great column in the Richmond News written by Maria Rantanen in reference to her disabled sister. I understand opening any pools at this time might be very tricky, but I think if we focused on just seniors and disabled persons (as a start) it would be very helpful. I am very scared of dying due to the pandemic, not from COVID-19, but from lack of exercise. 

Realizing the difficulty of this request, perhaps opening part of the new pool complex attached to the seniors meeting place might be a good start. Swimming and water exercises are the best exercise for persons of any age or ability.  We all know there will be residue deaths from this pandemic. 

Let’s continue making Richmond a leader in health in the province and in Canada.

Valerie Morrison


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