Letters: New regime in B.C. government, same people

Dear Editor,

This past Friday, B.C. teachers went to Victoria to engage NDP delegates outside their convention at the Empress Hotel.

The teachers were speaking about the continued underfunding of public education and protesting the slow progress at the negotiating table.

All the delegates seemed very sympathetic and hopeful except one.

My colleague Tina had the good fortune to spot Premier John Horgan leaving the convention and saw this as a golden opportunity to speak two minutes on behalf of her embattled primary students.

She challenged him on his assessment of NDP funding and the chances that teachers would not vote NDP in the coming election.

He pointed to the increase in his budget of a billion dollars (for seismic upgrades) as an improvement in children’s learning conditions.

When Tina questioned why we are negotiating with the same Liberal table of BCPSEA appointees, he shrugged.

Really, Mr. Horgan? Where is your leadership? Your labour house is on fire and you choose to call out a primary teacher? Shame on you.

Tina is a selfless advocate for children; she is owed an apology.

Renata Hyrman


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