Letters: Election call by Horgan is pure opportunism

Dear Editor,

B.C. Premier John Horgan announced he is dissolving the provincial legislature and calling an election early.

He says delay will “create uncertainty and instability…” He further states, “or we can do what I believe is always the right thing: And that’s ask British Columbians what they think.”

I’ll tell you what I think, Mr. Horgan:

I think the instability we need to be concerned about is yours, if you think calling an early election in the midst of the worst pandemic in over a century is a responsible and reasonable course of action. You need to do your job and govern.

I think this is pure political opportunism because you’re enjoying momentary popularity in the midst of the pandemic.

You promised you would not call an early election and yet here we are.

OK, so what has this NDP minority government done for us? They managed the pandemic arguably adequately, though I believe not firmly enough and I place the majority of credit on Dr. Bonnie Henry.

What else? Oh yes, they gave us the speculation and vacancy tax declaration requirement, mailed to us with a glossy brochure that tells us 99 per cent of British Columbians are exempt from the tax.

They have legislated changes for ICBC, declaring concussion, a brain injury, as a “minor injury” and legislated limits on settlements and evidence. 

I would like to know which party will do away with the vacancy tax declaration and which party will allow me to pick which auto insurer I wish to use.

I might be inclined to vote for that party, but I won’t vote for John Horgan’s NDP.

Keith Paterson


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