Updated: COVID-19 exposure at two Richmond private schools

Two Richmond schools on the Highway to Heaven, BC Muslim School and Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy, are listed by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) as having had possible COVID-19 exposures – this follows almost daily reports of possible exposures in local schools.

VCH posted that a possible exposure at BC Muslim School, a private religious school, could have happened on Nov. 9, Nov. 12 to 13 and Nov. 16 to 17.

Meanwhile, there was another possible exposure on Nov. 16 at Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy.

VCH will post possible school exposures on its website if they feel everyone who might have been exposed couldn’t be contacted.

There have been exposures recently at McMath secondary (Nov. 12-13, Nov. 16-18), DeBeck elementary (Nov. 17-19), Mitchell elementary (Nov. 12-13), Garden City elementary (Nov. 16), McNair (Nov. 12 & 16), MacNeill secondary (Nov. 12), Kingswood elementary (Nov. 10), McRoberts secondary (Nov. 9-10, Nov. 12-13) and Hamilton elementary (Nov. 4-5, Nov. 9-19 and Nov. 16).

To see the VCH school exposure list, click here.

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