This North Vancouver Snowshoe Grind is a must-do winter experience

Surrounded by snowy trees and mountain views, the North Shore’s Grouse Mountain Snowshoe Grind offers an entirely different experience to its sweaty summer counterpart.

Those who hate even the thought of the punishment of the Grind’s 2,830 stairs might want to try the winter version instead.

The 4.3-kilometre mountaintop trail, with a 240-metre elevation gain, was designed so that people could complete it at a comparable time to their normal Grouse Grind records.


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The Snowshoe Grind is one of five snowshoe trails in the Munday Alpine Snowshoe Park, and promises both a challenge and a chance to embrace the snowy winter landscape.

The well-marked trail starts at the relocated Grouse Grind timer, outside the chalet adjacent to the Skyride ramp and just southwest of the skate pond, and leads to Dam Mountain, which sits at 1,372m, offering views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Most people take about an hour to complete the hike, but those who want to challenge themselves, can try and compete with the best times recorded in last year’s Snowshoe Grind Mountain Race.


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In 2019, Shaun Stephens-Whale broke the record for the fastest completion time in the men’s 19 to 29 division in a speedy 27 minutes and six seconds. He was also the previous record holder, with a time of 29 minutes and 15 seconds in 2018.

From the seasoned veteran to the first-timer, anyone who is reasonably fit can tackle the trail and have some fun.

Snowshoe enthusiasts can also track their times and rank among other grinders by using a Grind Timer Card. The card will set you back $25. For it to work, participants must swipe the card at the Grind Timer station at both the beginning and end of the hike.


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To access the Snowshoe Grind, or any of our other snowshoe trails, a ski and snowboard pass, Alpine Experience ticket or annual membership is also required.

The Snowshoe Grind is open during daylight hours, seven days a week in winter. You can check trail opening times and current mountain conditions HERE.


Trail length: 4.3 kilometres (2.67 miles)

Elevation gain: 240 metres (787 feet)

Average time: About one hour

Safety first: Be sure to check current weather, terrain and wildlife conditions prior to embarking on a hike. In addition, make sure that you know your physical limitations, tell someone where you are going, bring enough food and water, wear appropriate clothing and never hike alone.

Don’t attempt dangerous poses for photographs.

Visit Vancouver Trails online for a detailed list of safety tips and things to consider before your next hike.


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