Garry Point Park film set turned ghost town during COVID-19

Richmond residents who often walk around Gary Point Park will notice a temporarily abandoned film set after COVID-19 put a halt on the filming industry.

A huge area of the park was fenced off for a new Netflix series titled Midnight Mass, which was expected to start shooting on March 16, according to a Twitter post by Kenny Sue.

However, the area has since turned into a ghost town with “beach cottages and fake power lines” and devoid of staff, minus the security in the area.

From the creators of The Haunting of Hill House, this horror-based series is about an isolated island community that experiences unbelievable yet frightening omens after a mysterious priest arrives, according to Netflix.

A sign, posted by the City of Richmond, also mentioned that the “revenue from (the) production will go towards improvements and programming within Richmond’s park system.”

For now, community members can visit and take pictures of the set.

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