Time to get behind push for Mountain View Manor replacement


I recently received email responses from the MLAs in Delta South and Delta North as well as from a gentleman from Fraser Health with regard to my desire to see Mountain View Manor replaced.

I’ve been told they hope to have something done by the end of December to present to the government. I got from the response the greatest concern is money.

We see the federal and provincial governments hand out money right, left and centre to anything that will keep them in power, but now is the time for the governments to get off that train and start looking to put money into building some up-to-date senior care homes.

They must stop passing the buck to the private sector like Delta Hospital Foundation to get the ball rolling.

Mountain View Manor is long past its prime and the residents and staff who live and work there need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time Delta got behind this and start emailing our MLAs.

Ernie Tobin

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