Police should step aside in Dubord case in favour of independent lawyer


Police handling complaints against police does not inspire confidence, so when the Delta Police Department sent Kiran Sidhu's complaint against it to the RCMP -- which has covered itself in $1 billion of muck at taxpayers' expense -- as an independent agency, I felt disgust. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Then, curiosity led me to the Delta police website, which led me to the Delta police board webpages, which led me to the short biographies of Delta police board members. Delta's appointment to our police board, Dr. Karen Hossack, works for the RCMP. The police world is a web -- and our police and its chief's wife have tangled Sidhu up in it.

The City of Delta should ask all police -- the Delta police, the RCMP and the Vancouver police -- who've been playing a role in this mess to step aside for a criminal lawyer from outside of B.C. who has had no dealings with B.C. police to look into Kiran Sidhu's concerns.

Greg J. Edwards

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